Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miss Photogenic?


 I need some photos of Alex for the miss photogenic at school. They asked for candid shots. Problem is ...
Pull out the camera and she stiffens up and does this fake smile and come hither look all mixed together. What the heck is that?

 She looked like an angel about to take a nap. I made no noise. She sensed the camera and that was it.

This would be her giving her best attempt not to stiffen up like she has osteoarthritis.

 I love her sleeping face. Check out the flaming hearts tattoo. I think I'll keep this one so when she gets older she will believe me when I say flaming hearts and fancy gowns don't mix.

 Boy, would I love to have eyes like those. They are killer aren't they?

Maybe we should skip this part of the pageant.