Saturday, November 21, 2009


45 minutes



Since I am a proper seamstress, this was a piece of cake. *cough*

I cut up a perfect pair of Dora overall shorts because LuLu loves them and couldn't fit them anymore.
Broke my seam ripper and said nothing ugly. ~Alex was sitting there~
Cut the blamed belt loops off because I was furious sure that the apron would be just fine without them.
Cut the bib off the shorts.
Cut the straps off the shorts.
Cut the pretty flower patch off the leg of the now pitiful shorts.

Sewed the bib bottom to the apron (from Target a while back for $1).
Sewed the straps faces together to form a loop once the buttons are reattached.
Hand sewed/sewn? the pretty flower patch to the apron pocket because I am too lazy and my ripper is now broken positive the apron will look much cuter with a hand sewn patch.


I then gloated on my fabulousness. By then LuLu was awake and modeled it for me. Perfect fit. Best of all she adores it.

That is priceless.

I then asked Alex if she wanted mommy to make her a pretty apron.  
Hm, I guess she's not that into aprons ~  because it couldn't possibly mean she might think I'd destroy an article of her clothing and put it on an apron she'd probably never wear, right?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alex vs. Santa

Is Santa real?

What do you think?

I think I don't know.....Maybe not..... How could a fat guy with that big 'ole bag fit in a chimney anyway?.....Hey we don't have a chimney......lots of people don't have chimneys.......How could one man go to so many houses?....I think maybe he's not real!.... Is he real?

Do you want the full truth?


There once was a man name St. Nick.......{fill in detailed story here}
..... So we carry on the tradition of gift giving..
.~eyes now looking a bit let down~ 
..But you remember the real reason for Christmas, right?

Oh, yeah! Jesus was born to save us!!! ~eyes now back to twinkling~

That's right! He is the real Gift! One straight from God himself!

He loves us a lot don't he!?

Yes He does!

So..... Santa's not real?

No, Baby. But we can pretend and we won't tell your friends because everyone has the right to believe what they want about Santa. It's up to their parents.  But you can tell them about Jesus! He should never be kept secret!


That was the discussion I had last year when she was four years old....I have to be honest; I couldn't help but feel like I was taking away something she could never get back. But this year, since she is in on the secret, she is excited to have her picture made with 'Santa' at school and is enjoying it anyway!

Can we change up a song to sing happy birthday to Jesus this Christmas?

Sure! You mean something like changing the words of Jingle Bells or something? Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way, Jesus came to save our lives- so shout a big hooray....


That is rude to yell at me because I didn't understand, I was just asking...

Sorry Mamma. I meant THE BIRRRRTHDAY SONG.

Oh. How should it go?

You know Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you

Yeah, but what do you want to change?

The middle parts.

Ok what do you have in mind?

I need some help.


So we made up this version:

It goes like this:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jesus
Happy Birthday to you

You came here as a baby
born on Christmas night
You came here to save us
and teach us not to fight:)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jesus
Happy Birthday to you

The song will surely be a big hit someday, if nowhere but home!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift of Fall

If I haven't told you before, one of my favorite things to do is..... drive through falling leaves and watch them dance in my rear-view.

I love Fall.

I went on a nature walk the other day with Alex. Gracie Lu was asleep and we took that special time to walk around in our back yard {woods- behind our house} to see what we could find. What I found was time. Time alone with Alex. In our day to day lives I forget to stop and enjoy her. She is so special. She is crazy smart... in Kindergarten and well into Second grade work, but beyond that.... She is tenderhearted, generous, forgiving, loves God, eats healthy to take care of her body, is so sweet to her little sister and takes time to teach her things everyday. She has no problem kicking your butt in Monopoly Jr. or sitting in her room quietly reading her newest book. She makes up stories and illustrates them in her notebook. She is humble. Her hair is mid thigh right now and she is growing it mid calf so she can cut it for Locks of Love. She is all of this... because that is who she wants to be. She makes a decision and sticks to it. She can laugh at herself. She is brave, adventurous and trusting. She believes in me and her Daddy. She is matter of fact and wants the facts. When she asks if Santa is real or How will sissy get out of your tummy, she wants the answer, no sugar coating. And she can take the answer and accept it. She knows life isn't fair. She also knows that God is good no matter what. Did I mention she is five?

One day ~ maybe I'll be more like her.




Friday, November 13, 2009


dress by painting featuring


Thanks Trina. I love this website! Trina did her Holiday Party picks 
and I just had to try it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

maybe more is more?

More is less?? What if more is more?

She has on occasion wanted more than a few pairs of pants on-
or maybe three or four dresses.
She might even wear several complete outfits at the same time.

So what's a girl like her to do- but wear all her bows at once!

I'm not sure if she has a fear of commitment to one article of clothing for an entire day-
maybe she just really loves the 'layered' look?
Either way, she is my little doll!

Now if I could just sway her in the direction of the potty! That would be great.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Your Holiday Decorating Style?

I looked over Southern Living, Cottage Living and anything else that came up under 'thanksgiving decorating' because well, I needed inspiration. I found some really beautiful pictures like this one

and this one

Then I saw this

and this

Oh, and this

Sheesh, now I'm really confused.
Do I want formal, informal, rustic, vintage...
How did I get myself into this?
So, note to all attending my Thanksgiving Dinner, if it looks like a mish-mosh mess...
it is because I just couldn't decide!

What about you? What's your style?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Today is the Day

 The time has come to see who represents you, call them, write them, email them. If you do not want to pay for abortion every time you buy milk or diapers or makeup or shoes or gas or a baby shower gift card..... Do something NOW! 
You can go  here or here or here to see what you can do! Do it today. Tomorrow is the vote.

Please take time out today to search your heart.
 Thank you

- Hey, Forrest.
- Hey, Bubba.

I'm going to lean up against you.
You lean up against me.

This way we don't have to sleep
with our heads in the mud.

You know why
we're a good partnership, Forrest?

'Cause we be watching out for one
another, like brothers and stuff.

Forrest Gump Script - Dialogue Transcript

Stand with me if you can. I'll stand against you if I must.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recipes to Share-dessert

Here is my favorite Carrot Cake Recipe!    Ina Garten is a genious in the kitchen. I know you are going to look at the recipe and think WHAT?! But it is SOOO worth the work!! My girls love to help and the chore turns into a fun family treat. The pineapple and fresh shredded carrot adds flavor and moisture that would other wise be unattainable. I don't put the pineapple on top and I bake in a 9" x 13".  It is divine.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recipes to Share

I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes with you. Some are some are mine, some I've gathered. Here is my tried and true potato soup. It always gets compliments.

Potato Soup

This soup is thick, rich and creamy. It can easily be altered for a lower fat/lower sodium version. Served in a bread bowl with a smoky provolone set under the broiler, this soup becomes a meal and leftovers are even better.

3 lbs russet potatoes
1 jar roasted garlic alfredo
1 box chicken stock
1 small onion
½ lb smoked turkey bacon
1 large can cream of chicken
1 small can cream of mushroom
2 tablespoons butter
½ cup heavy cream
White and black pepper
Garlic salt or Sea Salt to taste

Large rolls for bread bowls
Smokey cheese of choice

Get ready for some chopping. Don’t try and make everything perfect, this is a rustic dish. Take out your big knife and all your frustrations here:
Wash and rough cut potatoes (skin on) into ½ inch or smaller pieces - have fun and chop away.  Rinse and set aside to drain.

Warm butter in a large stock pot over medium heat.
Snip or cut turkey bacon into small pieces.
Cook until tender crisp in butter and remove.
Dice onion while bacon is cooking and add it to the pot after removing the bacon. Sweat onion until translucent. Add potatoes turning to coat completely in fat. Cook until the potatoes are browned slightly around edges. Sometimes I have to add a little extra butter here- depends on the potatoes. Just enough to lightly coat potatoes.

Carefully pour stock over potatoes and onions and simmer until fork tender.

Wisk together cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and alfredo sauce. Carefully add to pot along with reserved bacon, stirring gently but often, simmer on LOW for about 15 minutes or until potatoes are fully tender but not completely falling apart.

Swirl in ½ cup heavy cream. A few grinds of white and black pepper and some parsley finish the soup.

To use bread bowl, cut a ‘cap’ off the top of roll. Scoop out the interior, leaving enough for ‘bowl strength’. Butter the cap and sprinkle with garlic salt
scoop soup into bowl and cover with cheese
set under broiler until cap is browned around the edges and cheese is bubbling.


Low fat/sodium substitutions hints and tricks:

butter- light margarine
cream of chicken and cream of mushroom -  available in light or fat free and low sodium
heavy cream- fat free half and half
chicken stock- available in fat free and low sodium