Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift of Fall

If I haven't told you before, one of my favorite things to do is..... drive through falling leaves and watch them dance in my rear-view.

I love Fall.

I went on a nature walk the other day with Alex. Gracie Lu was asleep and we took that special time to walk around in our back yard {woods- behind our house} to see what we could find. What I found was time. Time alone with Alex. In our day to day lives I forget to stop and enjoy her. She is so special. She is crazy smart... in Kindergarten and well into Second grade work, but beyond that.... She is tenderhearted, generous, forgiving, loves God, eats healthy to take care of her body, is so sweet to her little sister and takes time to teach her things everyday. She has no problem kicking your butt in Monopoly Jr. or sitting in her room quietly reading her newest book. She makes up stories and illustrates them in her notebook. She is humble. Her hair is mid thigh right now and she is growing it mid calf so she can cut it for Locks of Love. She is all of this... because that is who she wants to be. She makes a decision and sticks to it. She can laugh at herself. She is brave, adventurous and trusting. She believes in me and her Daddy. She is matter of fact and wants the facts. When she asks if Santa is real or How will sissy get out of your tummy, she wants the answer, no sugar coating. And she can take the answer and accept it. She knows life isn't fair. She also knows that God is good no matter what. Did I mention she is five?

One day ~ maybe I'll be more like her.




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