Friday, November 6, 2009

Today is the Day

 The time has come to see who represents you, call them, write them, email them. If you do not want to pay for abortion every time you buy milk or diapers or makeup or shoes or gas or a baby shower gift card..... Do something NOW! 
You can go  here or here or here to see what you can do! Do it today. Tomorrow is the vote.

Please take time out today to search your heart.
 Thank you

- Hey, Forrest.
- Hey, Bubba.

I'm going to lean up against you.
You lean up against me.

This way we don't have to sleep
with our heads in the mud.

You know why
we're a good partnership, Forrest?

'Cause we be watching out for one
another, like brothers and stuff.

Forrest Gump Script - Dialogue Transcript

Stand with me if you can. I'll stand against you if I must.

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