Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheers!! Happy Baby!!

I am an aunt!!!

I've never been an aunt.

I've had to do all the rule making.

Now I get to do the rule breaking.

So What do you do for hours upon hours of waiting for the cousin you've been hearing about for nine months?

Show everyone how you'll look when there's a baby in your tummy.

 Then when you break your mothers resolve, and the labor and delivery room floor is now an appropriate place to lay and draw..........

make beautiful greeting cards for your laboring aunt.

And if the monitor still looks like gentle waves instead of a hurricane 


eat an entire box of Sugar Babies (except the one you grudgingly give your aunt Jess and the few that Mommy took when you weren't looking).

And after a full day of excitement, patience, impatience, and fighting over the one toy you didn't both get for get this........

Charity Hope
19 5/8 inches
7lb 3 oz
born at 4:16pm on 
December 30, 2009

A beautiful perfect angel. 

Congratulations DD. You will be a wonderful mother. I love you very much.

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Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! How awesome! Love the pics... too fun!