Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did You Know?

My playlist on the right side panel has my favorite Christmas song- Mary Did You Know. Click play to hear it.

The first time I heard it I was a little girl. I remember listening to it and crying. To imagine the Almighty God sending his Son to save me was a huge concept for a little girl anyway, but I thought He is sooo big I guess he can handle it.

Then I heard this song and was thinking of Mary. She was a simple person. She didn't have much. She was just a girl. To be blessed with a new life straight from God and knowing in your heart the fate.....To imagine her ups and downs.

When she kissed his boo-boos was it heart breaking like it is for all mothers? Or was it relief that for now, a skinned knee was her biggest heart break?

Kenny Rogers and Dolly were singing it. I love the lyrics. And Kutless does a great job of pulling you into the lyrics as well. 
No other Christmas song touches me like this one does. 

Turn up the volume!

What is your favorite Christmas song? Why?

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Cindy said...

Mary I read your comment on Rachel's blog and your bumps comment made me laugh.

Good post. It's nice to stop and think about Mary and Joseph and how much they truly sacrificed and suffered.

I love Handel's Messiah and Joy to the World.