Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why you shouldn't clean your bathroom

Playing catch up~

   I've been MIA. But I haven't forgotten about all of you. I come over and do a quick glance through every so often.   Lack of rest curbed my enjoyment of blogging. For some reason my two year old needs her mommy somewhere between 12:30 and 3:30am every single night. So my hubby has to wake me up at 5:30 to go to our room where I'll be near the alarm clock that tortures me at 6:30 (about the same time that I finally get my spot warmed back up and begin to rest).

And we finally got it~
  We purchased a box stove (cast iron, wood burning heater/stove) for supplementary heat and back up for power outages. Our main room is 996 sq ft and this stove heats 1000-1200 sq ft so if a repeat of '93 happens we should survive.Up here in The Great Icy Mountains I'm not leaving anything to chance.

Now for the two reasons I may never clean my bathroom again~

  The glass in my shower is too tall for me to reach all the way to the top so I balance on the rolled edge of the clawfoot to clean it.
LuLu was looking the the car section of the classifieds in the bathroom floor (she is two so I guess she was window shopping).
I climbed on the tub to clean the glass and she looked up and was horrified! She gave me a talking to!

"Mama fall! Mama down NOW! Luly get MEAN! Spank your hinney!"

Momma won't fall baby, I just need to clean this.

"Luly get mean!"

And she came over and spatted me on my behind. Apparently the I'm not trying to be mean, but you have to obey, talk isn't believable to her.

 You can't spank mommy but I'll get down. Ok? I was done by then anyway and trying not to laugh.

A few minutes later I was cleaning the toilet.....
she runs in....

"Hands sticky."

She was covered in a gross clear fluid with no smell....
What is this?


No way! Surely her little nose couldn't do that???
Are you sure? Show mommy where you were when you got sticky.

We ran to the living room. It was everywhere. On the coffee table and in a slippery puddle in the floor...

Then I saw it. A small bottle of - um, *cough*- warming 'lotion', That was on my bedside table.

Are your hands warm? I couldn't help but ask..

"Hands hot"

I laughed harder than I have in a long time. But now I'm convinced that~

The dangers of bathroom cleaning are too great to continue the practice.

Sorry Babe you'll have to lift that lid for cleaning from now on.


Mama Hen said...

Hilarious! Warming lotion! It is amazing what they can get into, isn't it?

Rachel said...


One day, when she's sixteen, she's going to be reading back through your blog about her childhood, and she's going to go, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! GROOOOOOOOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!