Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi. My name is Mary. I am most productive in chaos. Just so you know...
My husband is the best man I know. He makes his family feel protected, loved and secure. I don't think you could ask for any better than that!

My youngest daughter is a silly, tantrum throwing, kiss giving-stinker..and and when she gets angry, her little face scrunches up like she is trying to lay an egg=)

My oldest daughter is a sensitive, creative, smart, selfless sweetheart and we probably understand each other more than is normal for mother and daughter. I only hope it continues through the teenage years.

Our home holds a lot of memories for us. We built most all of it with our own hands. My car is a Subaru  something I said I'd never drive unless is was something like this. 'I'm not the wagon type!' I often whined.

But, here we are nine years into marriage, two kids, a wagon and a mortgage we do not in the least- feel burdened by. In fact, we are proud of each year, each child, the milk and mud stained wagon and our undecorated(still, after living here for over a year now) house full of toys and foot traffic. It is our life and we love it.

 Baking is my newest obsession. I am teaching my three year old at home until she starts kindergarten just as I did with her big sister. So for now, I am baking, teaching, chauffeuring, crafting, cooking, cleaning (or should be cleaning, as opposed to typing) know-- everyday mom stuff...But as busy as being a mom is, I need some kinda creative madness to drown myself in regularly to stay sane.

That's where you come in....I'll be sharing my madness with you. Please feel free to comment as comments encourage me to keep looking for new inspiration.

Through this blog, I'd like to share some of my inspiration in food and crafts as well as some of the tricks I've learned teaching my kids at home until kindergarten, budget shopping and sneaking healthy fruits and veggies into the occasional piece of cake.

I plan to organize my hodge-podge something like this:

Menu Monday - A meal of the week
Baked Tuesday - Something I have baked and or want to market
Web Inspiration Wednesday - Searching the web for awesome decorating ideas
Thinking on Thursday - Teaching  a preschool age child
Food Friday - More food, what else?

Here are a few pictures of my latest creation...actually my first attempt at Fondant sculpting..

There are several things I will do differently next time...but, I think he is still cute.

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