Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A quest for EDIBLE sugar free - frosted cake

Or the lack, there of... 

Personally, if it isn't natural, has a natural parent or grandparent- at least- I'm not a big fan. But sometimes you need some stinking good cake even if you can't use sugar~

With widespread anti-sugar ads and Diabetes on the rise, you'd think there would be more than just a small handful of sugar free dessert recipes. There are unnaturally textured cookies and the occasional pie, but no cakes or icings.. 

So I am out to find some TASTY recipes for cake and icing.

People with diabetes do have birthdays and weddings, after all.

There are some recipes like this one- that have sugar free instant pudding as the base - YUK!
SUGAR FREE---INSTANT---not a good combo!

Then I found a cream cheese version. Probably edible.

I also found a recipe for making your own powdered sugar replacement with dry milk powder, cornstarch and artificial sweetener. This would probably work well IN a recipe but not for frosting a cake or cupcakes.

As for cakes-- I found several recipes that start with box cake mix---hello Pillsbury!  And from the only brand you'll have any luck finding in your local supermarket there's still only yellow or chocolate..

If homemade is what you're looking for, you could try This one. Nothing special about it at all. You maybe could add some other flavors or extracts in place of vanilla - orange, rum, raspberry....

A quick Jello Poke Cake recipe with the help of Mr. Pillsbury and a can of diet lemon lime soda can be found here. I like this one, simply because it can be easily adapted for lots of flavor won't get the 'lemon again?' remark from the family.

I'm thinking~ because I'm in a Black Forrest mood~

And you got yourself some cupcakes!

Have you had any luck with sugar free cakes and icings?

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