Thursday, December 3, 2009



I realize this is my second post today. But I needed to get a few things off my chest.

This just came out of my car.


None of this is new stuff. Three grocery sized bags of toys, missing blueprints, scarf, umbrella, some shot gun shells (I kid you not). The big bag? trash.

Apparently there were some items that may have been missing quite a while.


And apparently I am ever-so-slightly unsmart. I just added myself to my followers.

I forgot to feed my hermit crabs for a week.

My new house has that lived in look, pride of ownership is obviously fading fast.

My Christmas tree isn't up yet.

There, I feel cleaner and lighter now.


Before you all send me letters or turn me in to someTV show like Hoarders or How Clean is Your House.....
I have set up a beautiful greeting station with all my prettiest Christmas decorations, potty trained my two year old, took my five year old shopping to spend her tooth fairy money, painted my peg board for storing craft supplies in my laundry/craft room, done some serious baking, helped my grandparents with their new cell phone, did a million bagillion loads of laundry, and moved my sofa for the million bagillionth time because the big honkin' sectional was not my idea and doesn't 'flow' in any direction.

There now I feel like I can face the world again.


Mama Hen said...

I am sooooo glad I am not the only one! My van is usually a diaster.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that keeps a VERY messy car. I've felt very self-conscious about it lately. Thanks to you and Mama Hen, I feel better!