Monday, January 25, 2010

Found It.

My sweet hubby spent his Saturday....

wait for it.....

Dress shopping with his wife, two year old and six year old, for the school pageant.  Because he is a great guy. And because it was that or stay home with the two year old by himself that refuses to potty for Daddy.

He then came home and chopped wood for our new heater in case we get snowed in up here in The Great Icy Mountains of Alabama. If not for this man-  I'm telling you I feel like I can't do enough to keep up. You know, if we were keeping score, but we're not.

Thank goodness.

Anyway, the dress. We found it. Luckily, for my pocket book, her school doesn't do the WAY OVERDONE dresses. They are more like flower girl dresses so finding the right one wasn't as bad as I thought.

You really can't tell much from the picture but the bodice is a woven satin ribbon with pink pearls. She looks beautiful in it. Her idea of the perfect dress was slightly different at first. It looked more like this.

What can I say. The girls has a sassy side.

We also looked at this one.

And this one.

Among many, many others.

I wish we would have seen this one.

To be honest, I'm a little afraid to do anything shorter than ankle length. She is quite the tomboy other than dress up and her little legs always have bruises.

All the pictures I saw of past winners wore the long dresses. I still feel like taking hers back and getting something more her...

This pageant stuff is kinda fun after all.

Now, what to do with all of this...


Rachel said...

LOL! You're turning into a pageant Mom!!! (read that to the tune of Na Na Na Boo Boo.) Seriously though - love the dress choice!

Rachel said...

To clarify my confusing comment, I meant to give instructions to read my first sentance to the tune of Na Na Na Boo boo.... sing songy, like so... "You're becoming a pageant Mom!!"

Oh yeah - you can't hear my sing-songyness.


I just have to tease because I'd TOTALLY get into it too if I ever found myself there.